Rebuild Merchant navy, binnenkort verwacht

rebuild merchant navy

We hebben er lang op moeten wachten maar nu is het dan zover, vanaf April 2015 kunnen wij het schitterende model van de Rebuilt Merchant Navy leveren. Het is mogelijk om dit model te kopen met de Naam "CHANNEL PACKET" en het bijbehorende nummer, maar ook komt er een ongenummerde versie die men zelf van een naam kan voorzien. Dit schitterende kant en klare model kunnen wij aanbieden voor een prijs van € 4275,00.

De specificaties van het model zijn:

Scale1:32, gauge 1
Length700 mm
Width87 mm
Height131 mm
Wheel Arrangement4-6-2 pacific
Driving Wheels59 mm
Bogie & Pony Wheels30 mm
ChimneyMiniature Dynamic Lemaitre with correct 5 Exhaust nozzles with Correct 5 Blower nozzles
Cylinder2 Outside Cylinders
Weight6,9 kg
Valve GearSlip eccentric slide valves
Boiler Capacity280 ml
Boiler FittingsPressure & Water Gauges, Regulator & Blower. Blowdown valve, Superheater. Plus Correct 3 safety valves.
LubricatorRosco Displacement Plus Boost Valve
Tender Water Tank200 ml
Tender Fuel Tank190 ml
Tender FuelMethylated Spirit
Minimum Radius2.5 meters
ConstructionBrass, Copper & Stainless Steel
rebuild merchant navy


Being the first of the SR Merchant Navy Locomotives. Built in February 1941 Then rebuilt August 1959 Channel Packet was the marine division of Southern Railways. Also the only locomotive to carry S.R. within its nameplate. Our model will be available factory built named, painted & decorated as well as factory built unnamed, painted & decorated. All our locomotives comply with current boiler testing regulations and are supplied with boiler Certificates.
We had to wait a long time for his model but now the time is there, we can deliver this beautiful and superb detailed model of the Rebuilt Merchant Navy from April 2015 onwards. One can buy this model with the name and numbers of the "CHANNEL PACKET" and there will be an unnumbered version available. We can provide a list of names if needed. We can offer this RTR beauty for a price of € 4275,00

MK1 Coaches

MK1 coach
MK1 coach

The long awaited MK1 coaches are all-in stock now:
These coaches have injection moulded bodies, roof and corridor ends. Cast bogies and insulated steel wheels, suitable for both electrical and livesteam use. We are offering the following liveries: BR maroon, BR Crimson &cream, BR Chocolate & cream and BR(SR) Green.
The first coaches are a Second corridor and a Brake second corridor. From the Summer of 2014 we will have more individual numbers to make your rake longer. The offer is for a rake of four coaches comprising of 2 x Second corridor and 2 x Brake second corridor for only € 1400,00. Please let us know which liverie you would like to have. Orders on junction@exclusivemodels.nl

MK1 Coaches

16 ton mineral wagons weer leverbaar

Vanaf half November zijn de inmiddels beroemde G1M 16 ton mineral wagons weer leverbaar. Ze zijn een tijdje uitverkocht geweest maar er komt nu een nieuwe batch aan met wederom nieuwe nummers. Verkrijgbaar in zowel bruin als grijs.


We are the dealers for the whole of Europe, except the British isles, of this new brand. All the models are researched and designed by our English team and built in China to keep the prices friendly. The two models we brought out until now are running worldwide much to the pleasure of their owners. We will always have a demonstration model of each loco in stock to show the customers the good quality of our products. The range of goods wagons is expanding and very popular amongst the gauge one world.


Our aim is to bring to the market low cost quality products in 1/32 scale. With positive reviews being published in the model press G1M has established a strong foothold in the Gauge 1 and 45mm marketplace. Our first wagon the 16 Ton Mineral has been very well received with rakes being purchased worldwide. Sales of our New 14 ton petrol tankers in Shell - Esso & BP ( In stock now ) have been more than encouraging. Our 2-6-4 tank locomotive has again sold through we are not currently planning a rerun. 


LNER Gresley A4 Pacific in 1/32 scale, expected later in 2015

LNER Gresley A4

As with our previous live steam models our A4 will be fitted with the proven twin cylinder slip eccentric valve system. The benefits are preset valve timing with larger than standard bearing surfaces ensuring longer life. Completly built of brass & stainless steel featuring working draincocks, sprung buffers, water bypass valve, steam fed oil boost valve. Axle pump,water and pressure gauges, water blowdown valve. Superheater, sprung axles, large water and meth tanks for a longer run period as well as a tender water pump.

Due 2014, we will offer two versions of this locomotive, LNER Garter Blue 4468 Mallard fully named and numbered, as well as a Garter Blue unnamed unnummered version. The locomotive shown on the pictures is the pre-production prototype.


14 Ton Petrol tankers

Esso Shell

14 Ton Black Oil tankers

Oil Tanker  


A slip eccentric designed locomotive
Inside slide valve operation
Outside Walschaerts valve gear.
Outside fully working twin cylinders.
Working cylinder drain cocks.
Sprung axles, sprung buffers.
Blackened wheel rims.
Water by pass valve.
Steam fed oil booster.
Axle pump as well as hand pump
Lubricator, pressure and water gauges.